Guide of products active against the coronavirus

28 April 2021

Franklab presents you its new GUIDE OF PRODUCTS ACTIVE AGAINST THE

According to WHO, in health care facilities, environmental surfaces are at increased risk of being contaminated by the COVID-19.
In order to fight against the spread of the virus and the formation of clusters, the French Hygiene Society and the WHO recommend vigorous compliance with barrier measures as well as at least a daily disinfection of the environment close to patients and medical devices that are not dedicated, as soon as they leave the patient room.
According to the French Hygiene Society, by analogy with other enveloped viruses, detergent-disinfectants meeting the EN 14476 virucidal standard for enveloped viruses (vaccinia test strain) inactivate SARS-CoV-2.

Franklab has a wide range of products effective against all enveloped viruses and offers a complete solution for your establishement through its different ranges of products from hand hygiene, bio-cleaning to the treatment of Medical Devices.

You can find here these products in our new GUIDE OF THE PRODUCTS EFFECTIVE AGAINST THE CORONAVIRUS.